The P.L.A.Y. Project was developed by Richard Solomon, MD.  It is a proven therapy program for children with autism. PLAY Project therapists train parents to help children connect, communicate and build relationships with others. 

The P.L.A.Y. Project is a practical, family-friendly application of renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Greenspan’s Developmental, Individual-differences, Relationship-based (DIR) framework, popularly known as Floortime. 

The P.L.A.Y. Project emphasizes the importance of helping the parents become their child's best P.L.A.Y. partner.

"By doing what your child loves, your child will love being with you."

- Richard Solomon, MD  Founder of The P.L.A.Y. Project

  Teaching U

Specializing in Autism, ADHD, ADD, and Sensory Integration  Answers are Available

Teaching U offers Therapeutic ListeningThe P.L.A.Y. Project, and Early Intervention Services

Therapeutic Listening was developed by Vital Links.  Therapeutic Listening is a research based tool for treating people of all ages who have difficulty with processing sensory information, listening, attention, and communication.

Therapeutic Listening can help with:
  • Increased Focus and Attention
  • Better Moods
  • Greater Tolerance to Noise                             
  • Improved Sleep                                    
  • Better Handwriting
Early Intervention services are offered by Teaching U through the state run Early Steps program and privately to families looking for help and guidance.

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